Premium Denim: 8 Key Facts

Hi there denim lovers.


There’s been a lot of talk about premium denim lately. From its price point to the high demand, many have wondered what really goes into producing these luxury items and if it’s worth the investment?


Well, worry no more. Here are 8 important facts to know about Premium Denim before you take the plunge.


  1. Premium denim as a product and culture originated in Los Angeles, California. US based designers wanted to offer their customers a garment of high quality that was produced locally.
  2. “Premium” as a word is not just about the final product or the price of the denim. Due to industry and customer standards, premium refers to entire production process which insiders emphasize is one of quality, care, innovation and craftsmanship.
  3. For many premium manufacturers is it critical that the production process take place entirely in the “country of origin”, or the birthplace of the company. For example, Paige, JBrand, and Citizens of Humanity are all made in the US.
  4. Deciding to buy from a brand that produces locally is not only an investment in a company that cares about quality, but is an environmentally conscious decision. The environmental impact of transporting goods is high, and there is the debate of global working conditions. As such the price of maintaining a factory in the US is higher than that of a factory in Vietnam or Bangladesh. And, if a company is 100% in control of their production then they are 100% responsible for the costs, which impacts the price of their goods. This is more of a personal choice.
  5. Jeans are probably the most worn item in everyone’s closet. Due to the frequency that we wear denim, it’s important to think about quality and make sure your jeans will be durable for your lifestyle.
  6. As a fabric denim isn’t too expensive; about $10 a yard. The reason premium denim prices are much higher is due to the weaving, which is much thicker than “ready to wear” denim. And, with jeans that have a stretch to them, the natural fibers are more apparent rather than the spandex in non-premium brands.
  7. VARIETY! This is an important factor for those seeking unique styles and fits. High-street brands tend to offer limited styles and cuts compared to that of premium denim. For customers seeking specific rises, leg-lengths, and fabric blends, there are much more options in premium denim brands.
  8. Durability: The processing behind premium denim is intended for these products to last many seasons to come. These are not fast fashion items, they are wardrobe staples you can have for years to come. The color will remain crisp and they will not stretch out over time.


If premium denim isn’t for you, that’s totally okay. There are still brands that offer affordable, good-quality denim. Some industry professionals have even gone so far to say that lower priced jeans are made with more quality and care than before; American Eagle and Levis are two such brands.


*this is not a critique on affordably priced jeans, rather is an explanation for the price of premium denim.