Mythbuster: 5 Tips To Help Jeans Last Longer

Have you ever experienced the awful tragedy of buying a pair of jeans, loving them, wearing the hell out of them, and then having to throw them away after less than a year?

It’s the worst! 

Sadly, due to quantity versus quality and fast fashion demands, sometimes clothes don’t last as long as they used to. Good news! We’ve done our research and found some great ways to help your jeans – new and old – last longer.


Use at your own discretion:

  1. Wash Rarely
    This is maybe this most important point! Frequent washing will cause color fading and damage the fabric integrity of your jeans. And, when you do wash the jeans you should make sure it’s done properly in cold water, and avoid the dryer.
    TBH: some die-hard denim advocates believe that you shouldn’t even wash your jeans. Rather stick to other alternative like freezing the bacteria off them, or a simple ice-cold hand rinse allowing the jeans to soak in a bleach free detergent. 
  2. Flip Them Inside Out
    When you do wash your jeans (some recommend after 10-15 wears) flip them inside out in order to help preserve the color and reduce direct contact with soap. 
  3. Stay Away From Heat
    One of the reasons you’re not supposed to put your jeans in the dryer is because heat is literally the WORST for denim. You should always air dry your jeans and make sure that they are resting in a cool/shady location with plenty of ventilation. 
  4. White Vinegar
    Don’t roll your eyes just yet. If you’ve purchased a new pair of dark jeans a great way to “lock-in” the color is to do a simple pre-wash in vinegar to seal in the color. Don’t add any detergent and make sure that it’s in cold water. Your jeans won’t smell like vinegar.

    If this is a little too weird then try letting your new jeans soak in a tub with water and a cup of salt. 
  5. Buy a ToothBrush
    This is for spot cleaning. Since you’re going to be washing your jeans much less you’ll still need a way to fight stains. By using a toothbrush and some mild-soap you can focus on topical cleaning without damaging your jeans.

Well there you have it. We encourage you to try some of these tips out, and share them with your friends, and let us know how they work.

Happy shopping! We hope you and your jeans have a long happy life together 😉