How To Enhance Your Recommendations

Now that you’ve received your new smart leggings and downloaded your LikeAGlove app it’s time to set your fit preferences in order to enhance your recommendations!

By updating the “My Preferences” section of the LikeAGlove app you are basically telling the app, “this is how I like to wear my jeans.” Now the app not only has your measurements but knows your personal style, which is the perfect remedy needed to offer the best recommendations.


How to update the My Style section:

1. Click the “My Style” tap within the app

2. Enter personal details such as height and inseam preferences. 


3. Share a few of your preferred brands. This step may seem strange, but each brand has a unique fit. By sharing this information the app can understand your fit preference and recommend similar fits. This is is crucial in order to receive 5 stars recommendations.


Information To Remember!

1. Your leggings measure your high hips, high waist, low hips and low waist. If one of these areas shows “0” as the measurement, there is a problem with your leggings. If so, please contact customer support and we will send you a replacement.


2. Your leggings are pretty sensitive. You must wear them correctly or they may not properly take your measurements. Make sure they fall right below your navel. Also, you should not wear anything with your leggings expect for underwear.