3D Body Shape Measuring Garments

Our next generation of smart garments is here and is a massive technological leap forward!

Accurate Measurements

Tight fitting leggings and sports bras measure your body shape, in 3D, with millimeter accuracy.
Measurements of your shape are taken in seconds and data syncs via Bluetooth to an app.

Virtually Undetectable

These measuring garments look and feel as regular garments. You can wear them during work out or a lazy afternoon on the couch.
It’s virtually undetectable. Without checking the label you will not be able to tell the difference between a measuring and a regular athleisure.

Comfortable, Durable

Their durably and feel matches one to one the durability and feel of regular sportswear.
The garments can be washed as no metal wires or batteries are involved.

Empowering Decisions

Track your body shape changes in 3D. It’s a motivational fitness tracker that can show progress over time.
Shop online with confidence. App matches your shape to the shape’s of bras and jeans to find a perfect match.

About Us

LIKEAGLOVE is a 6 year old Israeli startup and the original inventor of smart measuring garments.
LIKEAGLOVE is taking its next massive technological leap forward by introducing its next generation of 3D body shape measuring garments in late 2020.

Our app stores your measurements and tracks your fitness progress. It also discovers best fitting jeans and bras for you.


The garments come in two sizes S-M and M-L, covering sizes 00 to 18. We are working on plus version as well.


You can wash the measuring garment like any other sportswear. And it is as durable as any regular athleisure.