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Updated Catalog is Great

Bought these two months ago and after the last catalog update a few weeks ago it actually improved the recommendations by 100%. Bought a new Paige pair that is perfect. Just wish that the app UI would be better.

Best Gadget Ever

I got mine a week ago and I'm just impressed! It really captured my shape perfectly and I know the recommendations are spot on as it already recommended me denim models that I have and love with the correct size. I can't wait trying the jeans it's recommending.

Very Happy

I really enjoy these as they actually motivate me to exercise as I know that I'll see results by loosing inches!

by Shannon Lee on LikeAGlove Smart Leggings
Please make a bra!

I cannot wait to get my leggings... please please please develop something like this for bras. The only thing more brutal than jeans shopping, is bra shopping. Our bosoms thank you in advance.

Great customer support

Actually my first pair of leggings didn't work at all, but because of the very fast customer support I got, I still give them 5 stars as I really enjoy my second pair. It works great and I got 2 recommendations that I actually bought from Joes and Paige which are super comfy!

Take a chance

Well, it's really hard to buy something like this as you just aren't sure of what you get. But this is a very smart idea and it's improving too as I get more recommendations now then a few weeks ago. I actually think it's have a great potential so if you're like me and have hard time finding denim, it could really help you out. Note: I'm size 6 so take it into account.

Nice and Improving

I didn't like it at first as I actually ordered it a few months ago and the catalog was limited back then, but I gotta say that in the last month it expended very well and I got some nice recommendations out of it. The ability to keep track on your sizes and track your shape is also very cool.

Would love on fro bras :-)

I am extremely satisfied with those leggings. Now I can track my measurements and also find jeans that fit. I didn't order a pair so I'm "only" giving it 4 stars. Please make one for bras too!!!

Hesitated at first but happy now

I saw a Facebook ad for the leggings and ordered them immediately. I didn't look for reviews and actually was very afraid it wouldn't work. I thought about canceling but they said that if I wouldn't like it, they will refund me. I'm actually very happy I didn't cancel as it's a very cool experience. I ordered a pair of Levis that i would never order any other way and it fits perfectly. So I'm looking to buy another pair.

Good Support

Ok, so when I got my leggings a month ago, it stopped working after a few days. I contacted their support and they sent me a new pair after 4 more days! That's a very responsive customer care! Since then I didn't encounter any issue with them and they worked great. I didn't buy any jeans just yet but am planing to. I used them to measure myself and this is a very cool feature!

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