Mythbusters: 5 Fashion Rules We Can Throw Away


Fashion is a tricky game. Some believe that in order to truly be a style super-star you must meticulously follow a set of rules, like an ardent believe of a an extremely fabulous cult. While others will says, “the only rule is there are no rules”. We don’t fall specifically into either school, but we definitely like to call it like we see it.

Here are 5 fashion rules that we think you can throw some major shade to, because we’re not having them!


1. Denim on denim will never work

via: Denimology

Obviously there are some instances where denim on denim is too much; we’re thinking Britney and Justin circa the 2001 AMAs. But, really there is no reason to avoid layering denim. A well fitted denim shirt with a smart skinny and a killer pair of shoes, you’ve got yourself one fab outfit. Many fashionable celebrities have been opting for all denim silhouettes lately. Sarah Jessica Parker, an empress of street style, is a huge fan of pairing denim with denim.

Another way we love seeing this style is with a denim skirt; it is a fun and modern date night outfit. The femininity of the suit-like shape contrasted with the severity of the denim is the ultimate cool-girl look.


2. Glasses are not sexy


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Everyone knows the expression “boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses”, and anyone who wears glasses knows that this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Glasses – or “eye wear” if you will – have gained almost as much importance in the fashion world as any other accessory. They are no longer considered frumpy or even un-sexy, especially since major bombshells have unabashedly worn their large rim specs out and about, and looked pretty great doing so.

Of course some eye-wear styles, as with any accessory, have been deemed chicer than others. You really can’t go wrong with a chunky, horn rimmed frame. It’s almost like the little black dress of the glasses world. It’s really a great accessory for a cocktail dress, and will add a little sophistication to your look.


3. Certain styles are best on certain body types 

via: Pinterest

via: Pinterest

Yah right, more like some styles a best on no body types. Like a peplum, those are rarely ever a good idea … on anyone. However, the idea that larger sizes should wear dark colors and avoid styles like crop tops is just silly. This is one rule we just can’t stand! Size doesn’t determine an ability to rock a look, confidence and a general fierceness does.

Similar to this is the notion that women of a certain age should dress more conservatively. Well, “age ain’t nothin’ by a number” and numbers shouldn’t restrict anyone’s style choices. Mini skirts aren’t just for the young and the thin, if you got it and love it then you should flaunt it.


4. Your shoes must match your bag


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This is one rule we really hate because it’s so restrictive. Of course there are times when a nice black bag and black shoe work so well together, but we aren’t living in the 1950’s. Bold prints and flashing colors are exciting and innovative, and many fashion experts will argue that statement accessories are what make an outfit.

There are times to keep it modest, Kate Middleton does this well. But, channeling your inner Rhianna will have a much more exciting outcome. She’s a fan of a bold statement bag and a quirky pair of shoes, she sticks to a subtly theme but she doesn’t let that control her choices. The outcome is almost always flawless. If you’re feeling intrigues try an animal print clutch with a metallic heal, keep your outfit muted and let your accessories do all the talking. When in doubt, channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw.


5. No whites after Labor Day

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We’ve all heard it, and quite frankly we should all disregard it. You’d truly have to be color blind to believe that white should be reserved only  for warm weather. In fact, there is nothing more refreshing than seeing warm “summer” colors during the dreary winter season, and white is one of our favorites. What could be more amazing than matching the scenery around you. A crisp white pant can really bring some excitement and warmth to your outfit.

This doesn’t mean that we are against the dark shades, everyone fashion lover knows that you can’t go wrong with an all black ensemble. But we encourage everyone to add some color to their winter wardrobe.