Denim Style 101

We are truly living in modern times. We’ve got hoverboards, drones, hololenses, and most importantly almost any style of jeans you could dream of. Remember just a few years ago when we were all forced to adhere to the same style uniform. Boot-cut in the 90’s, low-rise flares in the early  00’s, and then the infamous skinny. Oh how times have changed.


Almost every brand carries at least 3-4 different styles and cuts or jeans for you to choose from. But, with all this variety things can get pretty complicated. The possibilities are endless, and who doesn’t love that, but it’s great to have a little direction. Let’s take a quick crash course on the many denim styles, so you are never left feeling bewildered when shopping.

We’ve broken it down for you but Rise and Style.





Nowadays you can’t avoid the skinny. It’s a style that is fitted from the hip down to the ankle with little to no wiggle room. The fabric make-up of a skinny has a little more elastic than your standard jeans so there is more of a stretch to the fit.








Similar to the skinny, however this style is not as fitted or tight below the knee. Meaning they will create more of a straight line that some desire for a more tailored look.





This bootcut is even less fitted below the knee, and will create a continuous straight line from the hip. There is typically enough room to fit a boot, hence the name, and it is a great pairing with heels.



This style will be fitted to the knee and then flare out creating a dramatic effect. They are more exaggerated versions of the standard bell-bottoms worn in the 90’s, back when things [jeans]  were simple.





The name of this style basically says it all. It’s as if you are wearing a pair of men’s jeans but cut for women’s proportions. The tend to be very loose, and are meant to be cuffed around the ankle.




Typically a low-rise will fall on or below your hips, it tends to vary by brand. This style does not conform to your natural waist, is usually chosen by those who lack natural curves.


Also know as regular-rise, this style site between the hips and belly button. This rise offers more support in the belly than a low-rise, and is a great option for those with a belly-bump or who have experienced a muffin top with low-rise cuts.


This style tend to come close to, or even above, the belly button, fitting at the natural waist. This style can be great for adding poprotions to your figure, specifically moving the eyes away from the stomach.