5 Fabulous Denim Style Icons

There’s no denying that denim is everywhere. Besides Victoria Beckham, and even that one is questionable, everyone owns a pair of jeans. Not to fall in the motif of “who wore it better”, but some fashionistas truly know how to work a pair of jeans. So, without further adieu, here are 5 of our favorite denim-lovers who show us  how a little personal style can completely make-over the even most basic pair of jeans.

1. Gwen Stefani



Questionably one of the most influential style icons of the late 90’s and 00’s, Gwen was blending urban cool with hollywood-glam well before anyone else. Whether on or off stage she’s about looking good and feeling comfortable at the same time. Gwen has been a long time fan of boyfriend jeans, and with the right shoes and accessories she knows how turn the ultimate boyfriend jean in the the perfect date-night pant.

2. Sarah Jessica Parker



With SJP life really does imitate art. Carrie Bradshaw could learn a thing or two from her off-duty style choices, which lean more towards comfort rather than 6” manolos, but nonetheless she always looks effortlessly chic. What’s best about Sarah Jessica’s signature style is that she never accepts an item as is; she a major fan of cuffing her jeans and isn’t afraid to mix two different tones of denim.

3. Kim Kardashian



Kim’s fame may be questionable but her style [stylist’s] choices are not. She’s unapologetically a trend setter, and undoubtedly a hustler. If there is one this she isn’t afraid to hustle is her infamous derriere, she knows better than anyone that a good pair of jeans are perfect for flaunting her backside. Kim knows how to attract attention, and when doing so you want eyes to be drawn to the “star” of the show. So, she tends to keep her outfits minimal and let her jeans do the talking.

4. Kristen Stewart



Kristen is a men’s wear goddess. She has perfected the art to the point that GQ recently issued a style guide based off of her choices. Her quirky style may seem understated to some, but she has been able propel comfy-style to a new status, all while appealing to a subculture of women that never had a mainstream style icon. Want to amp up your K-Stewart style? Try  boyfriend jeans, a worn pair of vans, crisp white tanks, and a chic layered bob.

5. Beyoncé



Let’s take a step back to simpler times, 2003 to be exact. A time when Donald Trump stayed far away from politics, and Beyoncé was about to release her  first solo-album “Crazy In Love”. Little did we know the Beyoncé-force to come, but the moment the music video started it was clear a style icon was born. Beyoncé showed us the importance of daisy dukes and a good pair of heals, and the world has never been the same. Flashforwad to 2016 and we’re still captivated by Beyoncé and her effortlessly cool style. Be it in ripped boyfriend jeans or minimal skinnies, Queen B is always on fleek and can teach us all a thing or two about looking good in jeans and a white-t. Bow Down.